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Science Ingenuity Fair

Congratulations to our 2024

Science Ingenuity Fair Winners!

8th Grade:

• 1st Place:

How does air pressure affect the distance traveled by a volleyball?

• 2nd Place:

Which brand of coffee will stain the most?

• 3rd Place:

• Is the growth of carrot plants dependent upon different types of water? 
• Does the amount of citric acid affect the effervescence of bath bombs?

• Honorable Mention:

• The biomechanics of pitching a baseball- Will the stride distance affect the ability to reach home plate? 
• How will colored light affect the growth rate of plants?


7th Grade:

• 1st Place:

How does wind turbine blade shape affect its output?

• 2nd Place:

• How do hydraulics lift heavy and light objects? 
• Which foods are the most glycemic?

• 3rd Place:

Does paint color affect temperature?

• Honorable Mention:

How does fin shape affect the friction of a surfboard as it cuts through the height of a wave?