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Fifth Grade

Mrs. Caitlyn Lindaberry




Beacon, New York 

Education & Degree:

Bachelor's Degree Elementary Education from Coastal Carolina University 
Master's Degree Instructional Technology from Coastal Carolina University 

Philosophy of Catholic Education:

Nelson Mandela said, “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” Students need to be equipped with an equitable education not only to better themselves but to help better those around them in their microcosm. I firmly believe that teaching and learning should center around the student. Specifically, instruction should be targeted at their weaknesses and strengths. Each student is unique and requires a safe environment where they are comfortable taking risks, sharing ideas, and making mistakes. I believe that curiosity and engagement through inquiry-based learning and choice lead to more meaningful experiences in the classroom. Incorporating Catholic virtues, values, and morals deepens the relationships and connections built between all entities in the classroom; therefore, leading to excellence in all areas.