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Our Mission

St. Andrew Catholic School Mission Statement:

St. Andrew Catholic School nurtures faith, inspires academic excellence, and leads our students in a life of service beyond self within a safe Christian community where every child is known and loved. 



St. Andrew Catholic School is renowned for Catholic identity, academic excellence, leadership, and service. The school fulfills the mission of Christ by guiding students to achieve their maximum potential in order to make a difference in our church and community. St. Andrew Catholic School continues to be recognized as a premier educational facility in the Diocese of Charleston.



St. Andrew Catholic School Honor Code:

As a student of St. Andrew Catholic School:
I pledge to be an example of Christ to all those around me through both my words and actions.
I pledge to respect and show kindness and consideration to my fellow students and teachers.
I pledge to use honesty in all situations.
I pledge to always work to the best of my ability.
I will put God and honor above all.
I pledge a life of Faith, Love, and Learning.


Be B.R.A.V.E: Bold, Respectful, Altruistic, Virtuous, and Excellent!