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Action Alert: Catholic Education

We are coordinating efforts with USCCB on the next round of COVID-19 assistance from Congress. As you know well, our Catholic schools are in desperate need of assistance. The action alert below was created to support this campaign. 
These are our requests:
  • Equitable services:  Emergency relief for K-12 education should continue to ensure equitable services are available to the private school community consistent with previous emergency disaster legislation. 
  • Direct Assistance to Families:  Families of private schools should be considered as a part of the comprehensive needs of K-12 education, since private school students represent ten percent of the K-12 student population. Funding should provide direct aid to families in the form of means-tested scholarships.  This aid to families could be paired with dollar-for-dollar tax credits to scholarship granting organizations, encouraging lasting philanthropy and stability for families.
  • Tax Policy:  Allow tax credit or deduction for a percentage of K-12 education tuition and expenses. Since the 2019 tax deadline has been extended, this credit or deduction could even apply to last year for an immediate savings for families.  Additionally, expand eligible uses in current 529 savings plans to all for K-12 education expenses beyond school tuition, to include home education expenses as an allowable expense.
Action alert link is here:
Sincerely In Christ,
Michael F. Acquilano, Secretary
Secretariat of Communications and Public Affairs
South Carolina Catholic Conference